Vikings vs. Rams 2018 are living effects: Highlights & evaluation from 'Thursday night football'

Vikings vs. Rams 2018 are living effects: Highlights & evaluation from ‘Thursday night football’

Vikings vs. Rams 2018 are living effects: Highlights & evaluation from ‘Thursday night football’

Jared Goff performed an amazing video game beneath the vivid lights of Thursday night football, leading the los angeles Rams to five touchdown passes in a close purchase over the Minnesota Vikings, 38-31.

Goff entire the video game having accomplished 26 of 33 passes for 465 yards and five touchdowns and not using a interceptions, the top of the line online game of his profession. He turned into also best sacked one time, whereas Kirk Cousins changed into sacked 4 times through the l. a. defense. Cousins comprehensive with 422 yards and three touchdowns, but lost a fumble on the ultimate Minnesota force.

Gurley led the style on the ground for the Rams, with 83 yards on 17 includes, whereas Cooper Kupp comprehensive with 9 receptions for 162 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Adam Thielen led the way for Minnesota, with 9 catches for a hundred thirty five yards and a landing.

It became a very enjoyable video game, one of the vital choicest up to now this season. The Vikings played smartly on protection, and nonetheless couldn’t cease Goff and the Rams. It became a high-power, high-effort video game from all features of each teams, but the Rams got here out on correct, leaving the Vikings with a 1-2-1 listing to begin the season.

under is the total reside blog from Thursday, in reverse order.

Rams 38, Vikings 31, last: Gurley picks up 3 yards for the Rams, and then Goff throws incomplete on second, which stops the clock. Woods picks up 6 yards on a short move, and it’s going to be a 4th-and-hes down. Minnesota takes a timeout. after which after making an attempt to get the Vikings to start offsides, the Rams seize a timeout. They punt it, and the Vikings engage over on their personal 34-yard line — it wasn’t a very good punt from Hekker. On first down, Donald throws Cousins to the ground for an 8-yard sack. On 2nd down, Cousins hits Treadwell for a9-yard benefit, nonetheless it’s still a third-and-9. Cousins goes to Treadwell on third down, and it’s complete for a first. And … oh! Cousins is hit as he throws and it’s a fumble, which is recovered with the aid of the Rams! Wow! That should still do it! Gurley receives a primary down run right away, and that seals it.

Rams 38, Vikings 31, 3:50, 4Q: Cousins hits Thielen for 15 yards, then Murray for 9 yards. He then finds Diggs for a short pass, and the receiver turns it into a 19-yard profit. Cousins avoids a sack on first down, and then runs for a huge benefit of 19 yards himself. Thomas picks up 4 yards, and we have an damage timeout for l. a., for Wilson. On second down, Cousins throws incomplete to Thomas. On third-and-6, Cousins is sacked through Suh for a lack of eight yards. they’re going to attempt a field aim to make it at 7-element online game. It’s a 40-yard attempt, and Bailey sends it through.

Rams 38, Vikings 28, 8:25, 4Q: From their personal 25-yard line, Cousins finds Thielen for 14 yards, then Murray picks up 2 yards as the third quarter involves an conclusion. To begin the third, Cousins is sacked for a 10-yard loss via, guess who, Donald. On third down, it’s another incomplete flow to Treadwell, so the Vikings punt. Rams will grasp over from their personal 15-yard line after a penalty. Gurley goes for 1 yard, then Goff hits Cooks for a 23-yard benefit. Rhodes become injured on the play. Cooks rushes for 10 yards, then Goff hits Kupp for 11 yards. Gurley gets 4 yards, then Goff goes deep once more to Cooks, for 16 yards. Then once again for 14 yards, and it’s a 1st-and-goal. Cooks is stopped for a loss, and he fumbles! however the Rams recover it to hold the ball. finally, the Rams should settle for a box purpose, and the short kick is not any respectable for Fickens.

Rams 38, Vikings 28, 1:09, 3Q: Rams bewitch over on their own 26-yard line. Gurley picks up 8 yards, then Goff finds Woods for 13 yards. Then it’s an additional 8-yard gain for Gurley. And Goff finds Woods once again, this one for 15 yards. On first down, Goff goes deep over the middle to Woods, and it’s a 31-yard landing. This video game is ridiculous!

Rams 31, Vikings 28, 3:35, 3Q: On first down, Treadwell subtracts a brief pass from Cousins. Cousins misses Diggs, who become probably held on the play but there’s no flag. Third down and 10 … the move is deflected by way of Shields, and it results in Diggs’ hands for a first down after which just a few more. He finds Diggs once more for six yards, after which Thielen deep! He goes forty five yards for a touchdown, and the Vikings should go for two right here. they’re, and the play action circulate to Murray works, so it’s a three-element online game.

Rams 31, Vikings 20, 5:21, 3Q: Cousins throws incomplete to Rudolph to commence, then picks up 5 yards on the floor himself. Third down and 5 yards to head, and Cousins finds Diggs for a first. Murray gets nothing on first down, then Cousins throws incomplete to Thielen, who’s then known as out of the video game by the officials for a head injury assessment. He’s livid about it, however he took a shin right to the helmet, so it’s a scientific timeout. Cousins throws incomplete to Diggs on third down, and the Vikings will punt it to the los angeles sixteen-yard line. Gurley picks up 9 yards, then it’s a big seize-and-run! Goff to Gurley for a whopping fifty seven yards, and well into Minnesota territory. There’s a penalty flag for an illegal block, but they decide on it up, regardless of it very certainly being a block within the again. Rams lose 5 yards on a display to Kupp, then Goff picks up just a few yards on the floor. They throw incomplete on third, so Ficken kicks the 34-yard box purpose to make it a two-score video game.

Rams 28, Vikings 20, 10:54, 3Q: From their own 25-yard line, the Rams get 9 yards from Gurley to inaugurate, then Goff finds Kupp on for a big gain of 27 yards. On a 2nd-and-eleven, Goff is sacked for a loss of 9 yards, so it’s a third-and-20. They are attempting a run with Cooks, however he can’t select up satisfactory, so that they will punt it. No they won’t, it’s a pretend! Hekker throws it deep, however he can’t quite get it, so the Vikings assume over at their personal 36-yard line.

Rams 28, Vikings 20, conclusion 2Q: Vikings get a brief first down with the clock rolling. Rudolph picks up 5 yards, then Diggs gets a pass from Cousins for 14 yards. Forty-three seconds on the clock. Cousins is almost picked by using Shields on a deep pass to Diggs, however falls incomplete. dealing with a 3rd-and-4 with 37 seconds to head. Cousins hits Diggs for a brief benefit, and after a overview, they get the primary. but the Vikings seize manner too long attending to the road, so in its place of clocking it and having a shot at the conclusion zone, they settle for a field goal. Bailey knocks it via from 39 yards. Rams will get the ball back to inaugurate the third.

Rams 28, Vikings 17, 1:26, 2Q: Vikings from their 25, Cousins hits Morgan for 3 yards. He goes incomplete to Thielen on second down, then goes to him once more on third, and picks up the primary. On a 2nd-and-10, Murray picks up 7 yards, however offensive retaining is referred to as, and we reach the two-minute warning. On 2nd-and-20, the Vikings lose three yards on the play. Rams prefer a timeout. Vikings opt for up 7 yards, and Rams lift one other timeout earlier than the punt. The Rams will bewitch over on their own 27-yard line with just over 90 seconds to move within the half. Kupp picks up eleven yards, then Minnesota is known as for unsporstmanlike conduct. On the next play … wow! Goff finds Cooks for a forty seven-yard landing. They best mandatory about 20 seconds!

Rams 21, Vikings 17, 03:47, 2Q: Gurley receives 5 yards, then it’s a first down when Goff hits Kupp for 11 yards. Goff goes deep to Woods for 36 yards and there’s a flag down — however it’s on the protection, and is declined. neatly into Vikings territory now, Goff goes to Kupp for a 19-yard touchdown in the lower back nook of the end zone! It became a phenomenal throw!

Vikings 17, Rams 14, 05:forty eight, 2Q: It feels like we’re at last getting a punt in this game, after Gurley picks up 7 yards on first and Goff throws two incomplete passes. The Rams will punt from their personal 32-yard line. Minnesota takes over at their own 29-yard line. cook goes for no benefit, then picks up 4 yards on 2d down. On third down, Cousins throws incomplete, so the Vikings will punt now, too. The Rams will recall over near their personal 30-yard line.

Vikings 17, Rams 14, 08:04, 2Q: After the short Rams ranking, the Vikings go right ahead and pick up 34 yards on a pass to Diggs. Then an additional one to Rudolph picks up 24 yards and they’re already in the pink zone. On first down, Cousins hits Robinson for an additional a landing! There’s a flag, and it’s on the protection. Minnesota again on correct!

Rams 14, Vikings 10, 09:28, 2Q: Touchback again, and Gurley picks up 5 yards to originate. On 2nd down, Goff goes deep! It’s comprehensive to Kupp, and he runs it the entire method in for a 70-yard touchdown! Wow!

Vikings 10, Rams 7, 10:05, 2Q: Cousins hits Thielen for a 27-yard gain on first down, and they’re into la territory. prepare dinner loses 2 yards on the next play. Diggs picks up 10 yards, however it’s nonetheless a 3rd down arising. The Vikings come up just short, and the Vikings will go for it on 4th-and-1. Cousin sneaks it, and receives it! They’re just outside the purple zone now, but get nothing on first down it turned into very nearly an important loss, but Diggs managed to get lower back to the line of scrimmage. cook picks up 9 yards, so it’s a third-and-2. Cousins’ circulate is batted, and it’s virtually picked, but it surely’s yet another fourth down. This time, the Vikings will go for the container intention. Bailey is first rate from 37 yards out, and the Vikings lead once again.

Vikings 7, Rams 7, conclusion 1Q: Vikings assume lower back over, again on the 25-yard line after a touchback. Diggs gets 4 yards, then prepare dinner picks up 2, establishing a short 3rd-and-4. They convert, but there’s an unlawful formation penalty, so they’ll repeat, from third-and-9. Cousins hits Rudolph for a conversion and the first quarter comes to an end! Vikings are driving.

Vikings 7, Rams 7, 1:fifty five, 1Q: The Rams’ first power starts off on their own 25-yard line, and they face an early third-and-7 after an incomplete pass and a brief run. however they opt for it up when Goff hits Cooks for a 9-yard gain. Then it’s a short 10-yard pass to Kupp. After that, another third down, this one a 3rd-and-4 following an incomplete move and a 6-yard run from Gurley. Goff throws incomplete, but there’s a flag on the play — and it’s on the defense, protecting. Gurley, Everett and Kupp all have first rate positive factors and the Rams are within the red zone. On a 2nd-and-7 fro the Minnesota eleven, Goff finds Gurley for a landing, and the Rams tie it up after the extra aspect!

Vikings 7, Rams 0, 7:fifty five, 1Q: The Rams consume the toss and select to defer, so the Vikings will inaugurate from their own 25-yard line. prepare dinner picks up 6 yards on the floor, but they lose 3 yards on 2nd down. Cousins is complete to Thielen on third all the way down to move the sticks. Cousins is just about picked on a throw to Thielen, however’s complete for a benefit of 16 yards. They lose three yards on first down, in order that they go empty backfield on 2nd-and-13 — and that they prefer up a primary all the way down to Treadwell. They’re within the purple zone after a 7-yard run from prepare dinner. It’s a third-and-three after an incomplete circulate, and that they decide on up the first with an extra move to Thielen. however they’re facing a 3rd-and-10 after two performs that go nowhere. Cousins finds Robinson for a touchdown, but there’s a flag on the play. It’s on the defense, so it is going to stand.

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off a shock Week 3 loss to the Buffalo bills, and still have the tall task of dealing with the los angeles Rams. The Rams take a seat at an ideal three-0, and may host the Vikings under the smart lights of Thursday night football. The game is decided for eight:20 p.m. ET live streaming by the use of FuboTV, Fox activities GO, NFL, leading Video.

It’s been a tough season for the Vikings up to now. They beat the San Francisco 49ers in a competitive Week 1 game, then went on to tie the green Bay Packers, 29-29. ultimate week, they gave the bills their first purchase after they couldn’t get anything else completed on either facet of the football. Kirk Cousins threw for 296 yards and a touchdown, however he also had an interception, became sacked 4 instances, and acquired simply 12 yards from his running backs.

The Rams have been challenged in their Week three buy over the la Chargers, but handily bested the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals of their prior two video games. They loaded up on ability this past offseason, and it’s paying off. unluckily, some first-rate avid gamers — like Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters — are injured, so Week 4 can be a tricky time for the undefeated Rams.

below is all you should be aware of to follow the action on Thursday.

  • Time: 8:20 p.m. ET
  • vicinity: l. a. Memorial Coliseum, l. a.
  • television: NFL community, Fox
  • Streaming: FuboTV, Fox sports GO, NFL, major Video
  • Odds: The Rams opened as 7-point favorites for Thursday’s matchup.
  • The Rams are in poor health huge time after every week three engage over the Chargers that saw all of Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib, JoJo Natson, Dominique Easley, and Andrew Whitworth injured. All but the latter looked on the initial damage document for Thursday.
  • Rams train Sean McVay has a simple ask: just go ahead and pick off work early Thursday if you’re in los angeles.
  • if you take place to be looking at the video game on Amazon prime, you’ll be treated via the primary-ever all-feminine sales space calling an NFL online game in Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer.
  • On the Vikings damage entrance, starting left address Riley Reiff is ill and that’s a concern. Dalvin cook dinner was also a restricted participant in follow, whereas the team got Trae Waynes again as a full participant.
  • nobody is quite certain what’s going on with Vikings DE Everson Griffen, however expectantly whatever it’s gets sorted out for his sake — he become worried in some kind of incident in advance of the group’s ultimate video game, and intensely little is regularly occurring about it.
  • sadly for the Rams, they positioned Talib on injured reserve with an ankle injury on Wednesday, merchandising Dominique Hatfield to the energetic roster in a corresponding flow.
  • The individuals at Turf display times have 5 Rams gamers to watch on Thursday, and of course, their personal personnel predictions for the motion.
  • Of the seven SB Nation consultants picking out Week four video games, no longer a single one in all them goes with the Vikings to occupy on Thursday. The OddsShark laptop joins them, and the coin flip is rolling with Minnesota.

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